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Challenging Issue

  • 1.  Challenging Issue

    Posted 11-26-2021 11:45 AM
    Hi all,

    I've been dealing with a measurement issue for a couple months that I've been unable to determine root cause of.  I have a unique set up as I have 2 - 200 amp panels (total of 400 Amps), feeds from electric company are 200 amps.  I have a SolarEdge StorEdge single phase inverter with 8.9 kWh of panels behind it with a LG 10Kwh battery.  I have a SolarEdge meter with CT's to both panels hooked up in parallel to the meter.  The meter is correctly connected to the power system and CT's but when measurement calculations are done it is essentially backwards.  The SolarEdge app shows export to the grid when it should be import from the grid and draw from the grid is shown but summed with the production and shown as consumption.

    The only number that is right above is the production number.  The import from the grid should be export to it and consumption should be the difference between production and export so in the example above the house should be consuming ~1.28Kw.  

    So, the question is what setting is wrong or are the CT's facing the wrong direction?  Right now the settings have the meter as Export/Import but I wonder whether it should be set as a Consumption meter.  The CT's are facing the grid and are connected on the feeds to each panel.  A complicating factor is that I am not sure that L1 in both panels is truly L1 or whether they got swapped during wiring of the house (I'm not the original owner) and I'm not sure how you validate that the L1 side of each panel is the same from the utility.  If they are indeed swapped it should be as easy as switching the CT's in one box.

    Now you are probably wondering how I got to this point after 3 years of operation and that is a valid question.  My utility only read once a month on a variable schedule and I could get daily readings from Solaredge so I took the consumption and export readings from the utility and the production numbers from SolarEdge.  When the utility swapped the meter I could get daily readings and in the process of reconciling the two I found very high variance both high and low and after quite a bit of investigation discovered numerous issues in wiring the meter and connecting the CT's in the two panels together that are now corrected but the math the inverter is doing is wrong but I suspect that is because the configuration is wrong.

    Some of you would probably say "make your installer fix it" but my installer is 200 miles away so its not as simple as saying "fix it", they are primarily in the commercial side and no longer operate a residential business and are willing to help but like many things, if I can figure it out and fix it on my own everything would be easier.

    Any idea's are welcome.  My next step is to change the meter to a consumption meter in the inverter settings and see what happens.  I am running out of ideas….



    John Gillispie

  • 2.  RE: Challenging Issue

    Posted 11-29-2021 11:03 AM