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  • 1.  The HE-2-SHE NRG Transition

    Posted 05-17-2021 09:41 AM


    A discovery that anyone can understand.


    The world moved from the purely Hydrocarbon Era to a blended Solar Hydrocarbon Era between 2010 and 2020.


    Understanding this discovery requires basic math skills. According to an International Energy Agency study, humanity consumes energy at a rate of 18 Terawatts per year of which 80% (14.4) is supplied by hydrocarbons. As of 2015, proven Hydrocarbon resources, including coal, natural gas and petroleum are 1,385 Terawatt years. That is less than a hundred-year supply.


    Solar is limitless. Assuming perfect solar conversion but factoring out oceans, the total theoretical solar contribution could be as much as 23,000 terawatt years, every year. A more conservative assessment is 900 Terawatt years per year, still fifty times current global consumption. The 2009 IEA study concluded, "logic alone would indicate that the planetary energy future will be solar-based.[1] "


    In acronym-speak, if the world has moved into a blended Solar Hydrocarbon Era from the Hydrocarbon Era, we have moved from "HE" to "SHE".


    Is this "A Man's World" no longer?


    Would "A Woman's World" be characterized not by gaps and scarcities but abundance?


    In 1978, after the OPEC Oil Embargo, the Hydrocarbon crowd coined The Iron Law: "there is an inevitably and inescapably close relationship between economic growth rates and the growth rates for energy [and oil] use[2] ."


    If economic growth and energy availability are inseparably connected, and if we have access to unlimited energy, then do we not have the potential to achieve unlimited economic growth and could that be the foundation of an American Renaissance?



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  • 2.  RE: The HE-2-SHE NRG Transition

    Posted 05-18-2021 09:43 AM
    Thanks for sharing this amazing facts!