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  • 1.  Usage of AR or VR in the industry?

    Posted 04-18-2022 02:30 PM
    This is a bit of an off-the-wall question: do you see any current use of virtual reality in solar training or system designing?
    What about augmented reality for installation or inspection? 

    My newbie opinion: the only benefit VR would allow is repeatable training on simulated broken or dangerous parts and systems without the real life danger or sourcing of parts. And while the quick information AR can provide would be useful, there are other, less expensive tools to use when needed.

    Manufacturers of all of the components in an array seem to have made general installation as easy as possible so I don't see the extra cost of VR/AR being worth it at this time.

    But what do you think? Is there a good use case for VR/AR in the industry? Can you see a use for the technology as it gets better?

    Christopher Jewsbury

  • 2.  RE: Usage of AR or VR in the industry?

    Posted 06-16-2022 06:33 PM
    Edited by Kat Friedrich 06-16-2022 06:45 PM

    Virtual reality could be used for training and preparation to simulate installation and/or maintenance processes. They are using it to teach welding at community colleges now. One useful application might be to simulate an extreme weather scenario such as a natural disaster and prepare for it. Or perhaps to prepare a response for a fire or an explosion. The usefulness of the VR would depend on the nature of the disaster or incident. 

    Kat Friedrich
    Editor in Chief