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  • 1.  Question for the Solar Community

    Posted 01-12-2022 11:32 AM
    Does the solar industry ever pursue organizations or people that make untrue statements about the industry?  It is in reference to solar thermal that I am asking this. 

    I know of some corporate and several individuals that sometimes make statements that could be seen as damaging. 


    Kevin Chisholm

  • 2.  RE: Question for the Solar Community

    Chapter Leader
    Posted 01-13-2022 10:53 AM
    Kevin -
         I do agree with you and find that there are those individuals and corporate entities that will 'bend' the truth to create a favorable view of their focus, products or themselves ! I also see that those who are 'looking' at statements of others, may have 'preconceived' ideas and views embedded in their own views, which may be exactly what you are referring to ! I would suggest that 'we all must just get along' and make specific comments when appropriate, remembering that most 'truths' can evolve and change is inevitable in our world !
         Peace,  John Burke,   Chair ASES PV Tech Div,    Maine Solar Energy Association,   dadsolar@yahoo.com,    dadsolar.com

    John Burke
    Director, MESEA, Maine
    Maine Solar Energy Association; Downeast Alternative Design Solar, Inc
    Jonesport ME

  • 3.  RE: Question for the Solar Community

    ASES Award Winner
    Posted 01-13-2022 08:28 PM
    Yes, the affiliated SEIA Chapters have informed consumer affairs offices in cities, counties, and states,
    on absolutely false advertising. But that is different than interpretations of percentages of efficiency and payback - since in many cases that depends on the undelying assumptions. So if you see something  attrotious contact the state or regional SEIA or ASES chapter,
    SEIA:  https://www.seia.org/official-state-affiliates
    ASES: https://ases.org/our-community/chapters/
    Regards, Scott


    Scott Sklar, President, The Stella Group, Ltd., VA Ph:  703-522-3049 direct) E-mail:   solarsklar@aol.com

    Website:  www.TheStellaGroupLtd.com

     Adjunct Professor & Sustainable Energy Director, Environment & Energy Management Institute (EEMI)

    The George Washington University (GWU).   https://eemi.seas.gwu.edu/   sklar@gwu.edu

    Scott Sklar
    President & Adj Professor
    The Stella Group, Ltd, GWU EEMI
    Arlington, VA

  • 4.  RE: Question for the Solar Community

    Posted 01-14-2022 08:26 AM
    Thanks Scott.  These recent comments made during webinars with about 75 in attendance were not in the context of advertising.  

    However, it is just plain wrong for people who are supposedly professionals to make disparaging statements, in this case,about the Drake Landing Solar Community project.  Statements made by the CEO of Melink were disparaging.  Statements made by Jacob Komar were damaging.  For the record, the DLSC is not a failed project (as Mr. Komar claims) and is repeatable in many places (Melink CEO claims it can not be done in many places).  Often disparaging comments are made that hide the damage they do behind some semi factual information.  By the way, Melink makes a product that could in some ways be seen as a competing approach to community solar thermal.  The Melink product has the benefit of storage for hours and days, not months as DLSC provides.  

  • 5.  RE: Question for the Solar Community

    Posted 01-19-2022 10:50 AM
    Edited by william fitch 01-19-2022 04:52 PM
    Kevin: When you are on the victim side, you will personally know how damaging it can be. Corruption in a currency based world knows no boundaries by vocation or interest. That is simple fact. If you disagree, take off your rose colored glasses. We as humans do not suffer the fate or feelings of our neighbors, particularly when they are negative. We shy away from accurate perceptions in that direction for multiple Psychological reasons.

    You open in your remark with, "people that make untrue statements". To bad we don't focus more on the ones that ARE TRUE. I got screwed out of my American Dream, blind sided from left field, by Solar testing and certification entities, organized as Fox's watching Fox's watching the hen house. 

    To go back to my opening, the Solar Industry has no special exemptions from corruption. 
    If you detect feeling in my statements, that represents about 1% of what is actually there, probably for all time.

    I guess as the very old adage goes, "You reap what you sow".

    william fitch

  • 6.  RE: Question for the Solar Community

    Posted 01-20-2022 04:00 PM

    We need every hand.

  • 7.  RE: Question for the Solar Community

    Posted 01-21-2022 12:03 PM
    Still waiting 6 months after install still not reimbursed dual payments with loan and electric bill about to tell them to Come take their panels back fix my roof and stay away from solar....

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  • 8.  RE: Question for the Solar Community

    Posted 01-23-2022 09:23 PM
    Your details are really thin. It sounds like you are a typical res solar end job. Was the installer the one handling all the "bureaucratic details", forms, rebates, etc.., etc..? Getting all the "I's" dotted and the "T's" crossed can be arduous. If one thing is not followed through to the very end, the whole thing can fall apart. Go back and follow-up on all the individual forms and requests and make sure all WERE TOTALLY completed....

    william fitch