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  • 1.  American home solar “experience”

    Posted 02-14-2022 07:17 PM
    Recently we decided to go solar and have panels and the generac battery backup installed and as soon as everything was installed it feels like the customer service we received pre installation ceased. Our panels are still not fully operational we have reached out to American home solar multiple times for help to get our system operational and still no success. We did not sign up for these panels to be installed and now start making payments for a solar panel system that isn’t operating. We need resolution ASAP and our system up and running at full capacity. Our contract states that we are paying for a completely operational system and we are not operational at all, still paying electric bill on top of the solar panels. This needs to be rectified immediately because I’m sure there is some kind of breach of contract American home solar is in with us by them not having our system fully operational even after multiple attempts to reach out for help and nothing has been accomplished. I hope someone with some sort of authority sees this post and does something to get this running as it should be.

    Rose E. Cheesebrough

    Tim C

  • 2.  RE: American home solar "experience"

    ASES Award Winner
    Posted 02-15-2022 10:19 AM
    I am sorry you are having this experience.
    My suggestion is as follows, since I ran the national SEIA for 15 years and
      had to deal with these issues:

    First, create a file of all the letters, e-mail, contract, etc to document the
               timeline and issues

    Second, if you have a state or regional chapter of the Solar Enegy Industries
               Association (SEIA), contact them  (https://www.seia.org/official-state-affiliates)

    Third, contact your local, city or county consumer affairs or attorney general

    Fourth, if no short term movement after contacting the above - file a complaint
              with your State Attorney General .. they will come down hard

    That's my two cents - Scott

    Scott Sklar


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    international graduate university in Costa Rica offering graduate degrees

    on sustainability. Sklar is the Sustainable Energy Director at GWU's Environment 

    and Energy Management Institute (EEMI).

    Scott Sklar
    President & Adj Professor
    The Stella Group, Ltd, GWU EEMI
    Arlington, VA

  • 3.  RE: American home solar "experience"

    Posted 02-17-2022 03:30 PM
    Scott has some great suggestions.  Unfortunately there are a few solar companies out there, typically national firms that are heavy on marketing and sales and light on customer service, that give solar a bad name.  However, there are many many other solar providers that really care about designing and installing high quality systems with high reliability and with excellent service given to customers.  I would highly recommend if you are considering solar, to contact a few local solar installers in your area and give them the opportunity to win your business rather than just choosing the national firm with the fancy sales pitch. My customers get my personal cell phone number and email address (I am the owner) and zero runaround if needed for the rare ocassion where there is an issue (or even a mild concern or question) with a system we install.

    Ken Nadsady
    AviSun Renewable Energy
    Hudson OH