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Advanced Solar Systems for the Future

  • 1.  Advanced Solar Systems for the Future

    Posted 03-31-2023 05:42 AM
    Edited by Timothy Mcbride 03-31-2023 06:26 AM
    EV Home Charger

    Solar energy technologies across the board are improving exponentially towards simplicity at such a phenomenal rate, as component parts are seemingly disappearing into the structures themselves, such as plug and play AC modules, solar shingles, and EV cars, and trucks that are becoming an integrated part of the equation delivering electric backup instead of the grid if extra power is needed, and visa versa.  The future solar homes will not even be recognized as solar according to todays appearances. The easy energy transition between incorporated devices will aid towards a more autonomous self-sufficient habitat in the future throughout all seasons, climate or weather leading to a more comfortable experience within multiple adaptations among a given human cultural settlement that can be established anywhere humans may want to live either clustering microgrids, or stand alone pioneers. 

    Solar Shingles

    AC Modules

    EV powers home

    Solar Shingles

    Thermo Dynamics Ltd. (TDL) has researched and developed a solar water heater for the next generation. This solar water heater is powered by solar electric panels. 

    PV Solar Hot Water

    PV Powered Heat Pump
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