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  • 1.  No PV

    ASES Award Winner
    Posted 02-03-2023 10:37 AM
    Interestingly, this past few months, we have seen drone footage of the many mansions of Mara Lago, Bidens’ many homes, Pence’s Casa and what did we see? Classified documents laying around like Xmas wrapping the day after. What we did not see is any PV on these homes. What up with that? What an I missing?
    Mark Chalom, Architect, Passive Solar Pioneer 2010.

  • 2.  RE: No PV

    Posted 02-03-2023 01:22 PM
    AL Gore I believe has solar and had a LEED cert energy retrofit.
    CW does what they want. You should know that by now.
    It is rare that they walk the talk, one way or the other.

    william fitch