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  • 1.  Total Solar Civilization will produce an altered space/time continuum

    Posted 03-14-2023 05:10 PM
    Edited by Timothy Mcbride 03-17-2023 08:28 AM

    Back to the Future

    The current system has not only wrecked our natural environment but has also altered the composition of the atmosphere until our whole planet is in jeopardy of an run away greenhouse effect that has already reached a tipping point. 

    Megaregions of the United States

    Human mega cities cover the planet like a cancer so yes the whole system needs rebooting in an entirely different way or our planet could lose it's life sustaining ability altogether. Infrastructure is obsolete already without advanced technology transportation systems, and the economy is based on the old feudal system since Roman times, not to mention the fossil fuels. Most people that really do not have a clue that they have financed the very monster that has been killing them from poison food, to corporate wars, to mass pollution of a planet.  Millions are dying in hospitals everywhere from the diets of poison foods causing all kinds of disease, thousands are dying in car wrecks, thousands are dying from drugs mostly pharmaceuticals, not to mention the thousands that are dead from gang related killings, or religious fanatics.   Energy isn't the problem never has been. It is what the so called Modern Human is doing with the energy that is the problem. The word " disposable " comes to mind. Everything is made to break on purpose so people will rush out and buy more. The latest word for this madness is called, Economy. Capitalism/Consumerism. Actions speak louder than words. Humans congregate into mega cities, clustering like locust, allowing some E-Musk to raise to the top promising a starship to the heavens. A place that has no air, no fertile soil, no life at all, but has cost us our precious earth in the quest. Such as Kings of Technology and a sub type one Collective Civilization's dream. Nation/Cooperate War is here already, expect extreme change. The fragile climate of earth is already at a tipping point add in the pollution of war, endless political elections, endless false holidays, endless games, endless urban expansion with propaganda's fake news. Human Beings have little chance to survive this, when we should be doing the very opposite.  

                  " At Ease ! Start that organic farm raise up some solar cells, kick off those shoes, set a spell. " 

    Give people all they earn in a logical way so they can build a better world around themselves a more self -sufficient world where each person is transformed into a solar powerhouse. Yes, we need better Earth to Human relations as well Human to Human, or as you say we probably will not make it. Most of the taxes go to the war machine effort, the rest goes in payroll for this massive population that is dependent on that government check, from the salaries of the generals to the salary of the politicians to whatever. The roads are all falling apart from running millions of these huge diesel trucks on the highways instead of lightweight self charging solar electric vehicles.

    Solar EV Charger

    Commerce is moving through the internet, and delivery is autonomous electric vehicles, and flying machines that don't need roads.  A well educated self-sufficient DIY total solar society will not need as much stuff moved about the globe whereas most is total junk that ends up in landfills anyway.. The photovoltaic road wireless charging will become the batteries as intelligent solar cars and light trucks will be more like magic carpets that simply glide over the planet to any geographical location with ease without combustion of any kind.  Total Solar Civilization will produce an altered space/time line by totally changing the way humans live upon this planet.

    Solar Powered Drone

    Think ! Solar Powered Drones already a viable delivery system.

    Electric Truck Tests Drones

    The Sun/Earth itself will demand what it will take for the human race to survive, all we have to do is listen then adapt, for after all this entity has always been our best teacher. Most products, labor, and services being produced are using more energy towards a failed fossil fuel based culture in clean ups, manufacturing replacement parts, service stations, offshore oil rigs, refinement, shipping, distribution, infrastructure, disease, war, and pollution than the energy you get from the end product in the first place. At some point in the very near future human beings will understand that it is far cheaper to just all out scrap the old non- renewable system and recycle into the new more self-sufficient system.

    Sun Earth Entity

    Timothy Mcbride
    Sol-Era R & D

  • 2.  RE: Total Solar Civilization will produce an altered space/time continuum

    Posted 03-15-2023 05:15 AM

    "Human mega cities cover the planet like a cancer so yes the whole system needs rebooting in an entirely different way or our planet could lose it's life sustaining ability altogether."

    Yes, but at this point don't the Morlocks just move underground and the Eloi stay up top for harvesting later, maybe as Soylent Green feed stock?

    Hollywood references aside, despite how visionary they actually are, everything you laid out in your 18 line para #1 is correct. Problem is, try as we might, nothing will change (Not even close to fast enough) until we move beyond currency, and that WILL NOT HAPPEN peaceably. It is really that simple.

    As a little resiliency side note, "Total solar civilization" is not a good idea. You never want to put your eggs all in one basket. All forms of RE should be utilized and integrated into a very flexible grid and a stand alone capable structure as well. When the next Carrington level or worse super flare hits, and IT WILL in the near term, things are going to get real ugly and a resilient electric infrastructure will be badly needed.

    william fitch

  • 3.  RE: Total Solar Civilization will produce an altered space/time continuum

    Posted 03-15-2023 06:10 AM
    Edited by Timothy Mcbride 03-15-2023 06:19 AM

    A Total Solar Civilization (TSC ) could take on several manifestations such as each individual human family habitat off grid self-sufficient planet wide where no physical electrical grid is necessary, or as you say a hodge-podge of diverse renewable technologies conversing like wind which of course is indirect solar energy as the uneven heating of our spinning planet from the sun causes the winds along with the Coriolis effect, trades, and jet streams, of which some say even higher still could power the planet using geostationary platforms that beam solar energy directly powering a global grid kind of like a - Dyson sphere.    The question remains how would a Carrington level event effect a world that is totally off grid utilizing solar electric roofs at every geographical location?    " beyond currency "  The American dollar isn't going anywhere any time soon as is backed up by the labor force of one of the most advanced ingenious family of humans on the planet yet of course it will become more digitized in various forms from crypto- currency incorporated smart phones, to highly advanced debit cards that do away with physical banks altogether a total online shopping network as companies like Amazon already with Prime online features and Elon's Mega factories that can sling out products globally to every man woman and child within a Nano second, Yes our brave new world is already here MY Brothers!  

    Timothy Mcbride
    Sol-Era R & D