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Sun Plans, Architect
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Sun Plans, Architect
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As a licensed architect for over 30 years, I have designed hundreds of passive solar homes across the United States and Canada in many climate zones. The designs can be found at  In 2005, I wrote and published a book on passive solar design - The Sun-Inspired House: home designs warmed and brightened by the sun. It incorporates Passive Solar Design Strategies; Guidelines for Home Building developed by NREL. My work has been published in Fine Homebuilding, Home Energy, Mother Earth News, Solar Today, and Home Power.  I currently serve as the Vice-Chair of the ASES Solar Buildings Technical Division, and am on the ASES Board of Directors. I love the sun, and especially the colors and patterns created as it interacts with clouds. When not in front of my computer, I prefer outdoors to indoors. I love to travel especially when related to water and the coastlines, but enjoy the contrast of hiking and being in the mountains.


University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona, United States
Bachelor of Architecture
Architecture, sustainability