Riley Neugebauer

Project Manager & Installer,
SoCo Solar

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Project Manager & Installer,
SoCo Solar
Bayfield, CO 81122
United States
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I'm a female solar installer and project manager in southwest Colorado. I REALLY want to see more women get into solar, and I want to help make it happen. I plan to develop trainings for women in solar to create empowering environments for women to learn and ask questions, and see other women who are already in the field. I've helped to install over 250kW of solar over the last couple of years, and managed the process from sales to design to installation to permitting and completion for dozens of residential customers.

My background includes nonprofit project development and management in food systems and renewable energy, community organizing, sustainability work on campuses in New England and in Washington D.C., and farming. I've bilt networks with hundreds of people around a particular topic or cause, and I've planned events attended by several hundred people.  I like helping to empower people to make change and advocate for better solutions; and I like to use my hands to do things like install solar and grow food! I enjoy connecting with others, so reach out!

My youtube channel is a place where I'm starting to document my journey:


Allegheny College
Meadville, Pennsylvania, United States
B.A., 2004
Environmental Studies
2000 To 2004
Advisor: Michael Maniates, Eric Pallant

San Juan College
Farmington, New Mexico, United States
1 Year Certificate, 2008
PV Installation & Design
2007 To 2008
Advisor: Carl Bickford, Tom Munson